MARCH 2016
Redshift GPU render was running competition with some cool prices, so I decided to make something for it. This is the result of a few weeks of work. It was a pleasant experience using GPU render again. I did use it for Construct short movie to make environment in V-Ray RT GPU which was also a great experience. GPU is the future of rendering for sure, it is coming fast and I have a feeling that this will be my last year that I'll use CPU renders for my personal images. Age of Vultures: DIRECT LINK
MAY 2015
I started a bunch of projects in 2015, but as a new parent it is becoming hard to work on personal projects after regular work. Still, I find some time every now and then to try to finalize some projects that I started. After the rain is image dedicated to my kid, for my family it has a very symbolic meaning with small clues around the image that represent our path to becoming a parents. DIRECT LINK
NEW WEBSITE hand crafted in HTML/CSS
When I was on paternity leave I decided to learn HTML and CSS while my baby Dominik was sleeping and this is the result of that knowledge, a new web page with new design, this time coded in pure HTML/CSS from the scratch. Most of the things I've learned how to create webpages was using great channel from youtube Timothy training. I also found one great utility which I've used to edit HTML/CSS code called Notepad++, highly recommended even if you are just editing simple text, and it's free! Anyway hope you like new design, I will try to improve it over time and correct all of the errors. Also, I am working on some new images which should be done soon, hopefully ... but baby is my priority now so who knows. :)
World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Cinematic

Blizzards new cinematic is out and it looks EPIC (as usual :). I worked on this one as environment modeler and did many assets for it. There was a lot of rock sculpting in ZBrush and 3DS Max and although it sounds like repetitive task it was still fun to do, rocks do have their own anatomy to study, it's not just a random thing. Some useful techniques were also developed for rock sculpting where I've used 3DS Max modifiers to get basic shapes and then imported that model in ZBrush where I dynameshed it and continued adding details on it. With HD sculpt in ZBrush I was able to get some fine details in, but I just can't wait to use new ZBrush 64 bit version where you can just subdivide model to 10-20 mil polys without worrying too much about memory. Hope you enjoy cinematic and GO BLIZZARD!

MARCH 2014

My friend Kevin Margo is working on a new short called Construct where I am main environment modeler responsible for making most of the environment. There is a small teaser available for now, but final short will be about 5 minutes long. It completely rendered in V-Ray RT using high end nvidia Tesla K40 hardware with rendertimes per frame ranging from 5 to 10 minutes. This is first time I am trying to use V-Ray RT for something more complex and it was an amazing experience. Many features available in V-Ray are still not available in RT, but if you try to make your scene from ground up using V-Ray RT it should work fine. Some more info about technology used behind this project can be found here.