16-Bit Memories



Childhood, Christmas, friends, family, joy, happiness ... and, a new toy on my desk. Toy that will define my life, responsible for such a beautiful experiences from my childhood. Kids imaginary world, lost over time, a glimpse of it left in my head, a glimpse of priceless memories. But, it wouldn't be such a great experience if it wasn't for my friends... do you guys remember how we spent hours playing games, competing and exploring these new digital frontiers?

I must admit I had Atari ST not Amiga ;), but my friend had Amiga and it had way better graphics and sound than my ST. I am still jealous even today, but at the same time I am very glad I've learned so much on Atari ST, especially about DTP and programming. I always had a great respect for the Amiga, it was a machine before its time, something amazing that created community of people that will keep it alive even 30+ years after its release.


3DS Max was used for modeling/scene assembly, V-Ray for rendering, ZBrush for sculpting and Fusion for compositing