Bounded By Destiny



A few year before this image was made I've lost one special person in my life, my grandfather. I always wanted to do something to express that pain left in me, knowing that I will never see him again. That's where inspiration for this image came from. It started as a simple architectural project, but over time I added a few more elements to expand its narrative aspect. Left side represents childhood, happiness, while right elements show how it is as you get old and what it is to have all these memories and experiences in life, thinking constantly about the past and the purpose of life.


For this project Maya was used for the modeling/scene assembly part, Mentalray for rendering, ZBrush for sculpting and Blackmagic Fusion for compositing. I tried to push colors towards more saturation in compositing to make image a bit less realistic. Although by today's standards, the quality is not up there, it was one of my 1st images done in Maya, and I still want to share it here.