Dawn of Balance



Dawn of Balance was one one those happy accident which started as a technical project to test out global illumination in Finalrender render engine for Maya but then later it grew into something bigger. Main goal of this idea was to express how it is to be loonely, hence the dominant cold blue color for the scene. This world is closed, no way out, walls everywhere, limiting his freedom to leave. He is forced to spend every day in this cold chamber but there is still one small area, a fireplace, where he can feel comfort and a get a glimpse of the times when he was surrounded by others that brought happines to his life.


As mentioned, this project started as a test for Finalrender's Global Illumination in Maya. That render engine was still in beta and I was one of the testers. It was very promising render engine for that time, but for some reason people turned more to V-Ray and after a while Finalrender kinda died off. Maya was used scene assembly, Onyxtree for the tree generaration and Fusion for compositing.