Experiment Chamber



Experiement chamber was basically a continuation project of the image I created years ago while I was learning Maya. I tried to see how far can I push that idea with the new knowledge that I acquired over time. It has a dark story, hence the name Experiment Chamber. Many experiments from the past were considered normal by ethical standards of those times, like research that was done on people using radiation. Hopefully we know so much more today and are more civilized that history won't repeat itself, and civilization never regresses back. But, people are unpredicteable and I am always sceptical that things can turn around relatively fast and that fear was basically inspiration for this project.


This was the last bigger project done with Maya, after investing many years into learning it. Reason, well I got a job at Blur Studio that year and I had to start learning 3DS Max since they were studio that used only Max. Although I still use Maya these days, after this image I never did another one in Maya. I've found that 3DS Max was just a better tool for scene assembly and doing environment work. This was also the last time I've used Mentalray render engine. Later I've exclusively used V-Ray for most of the work I did. As with other images, compositing was done in Blackmagic Fusion.