Force of Nature



Force of nature was my entry into CGChallenge competition, held by CGSociety community. Unrelying idea was to symbolize fight between people and the nature. People pushed Earth too far, caused global warming and triggered all kinds of reactions from mother Nature. Although final execution was not something I am proud of I feel it does clearly state the message behind the motivation to create this 3D scene. I didn't win any prizes with this one, but that was expected since I was still learning a lot while working on this project.


Maya was used scene assembly, modeling and look development. Mentalray was a my choice for rendering engine. I think clouds were rendered in Maya scanline render since rendering those in Mentalray was not supported. Final compositing was done in Blackmagic Fusion. For the trees and grass I've used Maya's paint effects. Blackmagic Fusion was used for the final compositing and color corrections.