It Was You



This image started with a small story that I wrote: 'At the time I was 4 I experienced something mysterious at that old abandoned house where I played all the time. In a moment, silence all around me, absence of time. I felt like I was observed by some force, a wisper calling my name. A strong light around the corner, like a fire, but frozen in time. I wasn't scared, I didn't think I was in danger, this was something different, this vision was meant for me, I felt it. And then, in a slip of the second the world just went back to normal. As the time passed away and I got older I nearly forgot about that experience, until I met and fell in love with someone special born on exactly on the same date and at the same moment of that event. I figured it wasn't just a fake memory or halucination, it was the birth of my soul-mate, a message that at that moment in time someone came to this world that, later in life, I will share my life with as a spouse, friend, partner and a soulmate.'


It Was You was the first image that I've made with 3DS Max. I forced myself to learn 3D Studio, and the best way to do that is to create and complete another personal project. Maxwell render was used for the final rendering since I wanted to experiement with something new. It was a nice experience to use Maxwell because it was one of the most accurate render engines, but I only used it on this project and nothing else, mostly because of its slow speed. Final color correction and compositing was done with Fusion.