Pursuit of Happiness



Little robot didn't want to obey the rules imposed to all his brothers. He was different, not an endless segment of zeroes and ones. Every now and then 2 would randomly spark in his brain. That triggered him to develop some basic human instincs to question rules that were given by his creator. He, at that point of time when 2 was born, became individual entity, and although he didn't have mental capacity to comprehend what just happened to him, he knew that he was different, so he stood up and yelled, I AM NOT A ROBOT!


Technically this project was not a huge leap forward for my knowledge. Nothing was standing in my way, it was a very fluid experience working on it. Machine in the back is build for subdivision, so I may say that was challenging but also fun process. Final renders were done with Redshift render, and compositing with Blackmagic Fusion. What's new here is that I tried to make it in a form of small coming, just to try something different and fresh.