Slow Decay



This image was heavily inspired by the Ghost in The Shell movie. I literally tried to replicate one of the scene from that movie, so basically this was not my original idea but it was a perfect project to sharpen my skills. I was always interested in the stories about future distopyan world's where people are in some way opressed by its environment which because of the polution became almost unhabitable. I imagine about how would it be to live in one of those alternate futures, where even basic things like seeing a sky was a thing of the past.


This was one of the 1st complex projects I did in Maya. Some of the objects were made using NURBS modeling techniques, while majority of them were done using just regular poly modeling. Since I had only 2 GB of RAM available, I had to do many optimizations and shortcuts to be able to render it in Mentalray. Textures had to be converted into Mentalray's proprietary format in order to use its out of core architecture for offloading textures when not needed. Final compositing was done in Blackmagic Fusion. Realflow was used to do some small water sim for the areas where boat is creating splashes of water.