Steampunk Machines A



Steampunk machines project had one primary goal for me, and that was learning subdivision modeling techniques. In the past most of the assets I made were just regular modeling without the nice topology. Because of this project, my modeling skills improved quite a bit, I've became faster, more efficient and while working on the project, I redefined my complete hotkey setup in Max to reduce hand movements when pressing keys. Very fun project, which I never finished but I still decided to put out all these renderes of the assets. There is a lot more of these that are unfinished, which I will probably publish at one point in the future as a new series of Steampunk machines.


All renders were done using Redshift render engine, some postprocessing was done in Blackmagic Fusion. Textures were just procedural setup that adds dirt using ambient occlusion and brightens up edges using curvature map.