The World Above



My reflection on the force of religion and its influence over many past civilizations, inspiring them to build some of the most amazing architectural structures ever, like churches, pyramids etc. I was always fascinated and impressed by how people that were motivated (or forced) by a certain ideas and beliefs can collectively unite and build something that could stand for centuries as an iconic symbols of those times. That's why I tried to made this church feel huge and compex. Under its power there is a field of planets, basically showing how this is not only a driving force for the people of Earth, but something more universal accross our universe.


Maya was used for the modeling/assembly, Mentalray for rendering, ZBrush for sculpting and Fusion for compositing. Since I didn't have machine powerfull enough to render everything in one pass, I separated castle as 2 different layers, top and bottom, and I also rendered foreground as one pass.