Diablo 4 trailer

Diablo 4 - Announce Cinematic ''By Three They Come''

Diablo 4 was probably one of my favorite projects I worked on at Blizzard. From the 1st storyboards I knew this will be something different with much darker atmosphere compared to our other cinematics, like Wow or Overwatch. These kinds of stories resonate with me because I am a fan of horror movies. On this project I worked as as Environment Modeling Lead and was responsible for many tasks. Almost all of the shots in the cinematic have something I worked on. Interior shots, like the cave as they are running accross was mostly done by me with the help from a few other colleagues. I did initial scene setup, arranged all the assets in a layout, did a lot of sculpting on the assets. After that, a few people jumped in to help me finish some of the assets and do another pass of details on them. On the corronation room, I did a lot of 3D concepting in the beginning, trying to figure out scene dressing, layout of the objects, lighting etc. Later, I finished many assets for that environment. After finishing my work as environment lead, I moved to Digimate department permanently where I also had the pleasure of working on 2nd and 3rd shot, where I created majority of the environment work from modeling/texturing/lighting and rendering. I had some modeling help for some assets, and lighting team help for compositing. I must say, working on these two shots was one of my best experiences since I came to Blizzard. I just love working as 3D generalist where I am in control of all the aspects of final shot design.