WOW Lost Honor

World of Warcraft - Lost Honor Cinematic

Intro for Star Wars The Old Republic was latest in series of Star Wars cinematics Blur did for Lucasarts. In total we did 4 Star Wars cinematics, I worked on TFU one as a scene assembler finalizing a few shots, but this SW cinematic was first complex task. I worked on hangar model, which was probably one of the most complex models I've ever built while at Blur. Scale of it was huge, and action areas were moving constantly so I had to uprez all the areas where characters are fighting. In the end, it took me around 6 weeks to model/texture and light complete environment. After that I was in charge of finishing around 25 shots in a timeframe of around 3-4 months. Overall it was an amazing experience, one that I will surely remember from my time at Blur.