Selection of work I did during my time at Blur studio from 2007-2012. My primary role at Blur studio was Scene Assembly lead which means making complete environments (modeling/texturing), lighting those environments and creating master shots so other finishers (including me) can take over and finish other shots. Hopefully during next year I will update my showreel with latest work from Blur which was not included on this one, and work I did at Blizzard Entertainment. Last part of showreel is selection of my personal work for which I am fully responsible for every aspect of it's creation.

Breakdown and additional info

Quick breakdown of shots included in my showreel. Where I was scene assembly lead I was responsible for modeling texturing and lighting complete environments and on other projects where I was working only as scene assembler my responsibility was finalizing shots, which includes uprezing models and textures for environment per shot basis, improving lighting and compositing final shot.

Selected cinematic's are included on showreel:

  • BRINK - Splash Damage - Bethesda Softworks - Scene Assembly lead
  • X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE - Raven Software - Activision - Scene Assembly lead
  • KNIGHT�S CONTRACT - Game Republic - Namco Bandai- Scene Assembly lead
  • DANTE�S INFERNO - Visceral Games - Electronic Arts- Scene Assembly lead
  • MASS EFFECT 2 - Bioware - EA- Scene Assembler
  • STAR WARS TFU - Lucas Arts - Scene Assembler
  • DC UNIVERSE ONLINE - Sony Online Entertainment - Scene Assembler
  • FABLE 2 - Lionhead Studios - Microsoft Games - Scene Assembler
  • HALO WARS - Ensemble Studios - Microsoft Games - Scene Assembler