Age Of Vultures



Age of Vultures is basically interpretation of how sometimes extreme ideology, either political, religious or economical, brings people together and deprives them of their freedom and independence. They feed on it without even knowing how these idea that seam so appealing to them are used to manipulate their lives in a very subtle ways without even understanding that they are being subconsciously reprogramed to adapt to a new sets of values defined by that ideology.


This was 1st image that I've made with Redshift GPU render. It won the 1st place for the Redshift benchmark scene competition and it is still used to test GPU speed with Redshift. It was great experience using GPU render for my personal work, render times were so much faster than CPU rendering and interactivity was great. Redshift is definitely one of the leading GPU render today especially because it is capable of rendering huge scenes with a lot of textures even on 6GB cards which I've used for this project.