Dominius V



I was always fascinated with the ideas of Utopian societies, so I wanted to do my own interpretation of the futuristic Utopian city where poverty, inequality and mortality are eradicated and people can just focus on things that make their life meaningful. Dominius V is a planet that people colonized, and because they were independent of Earth they didn't inherit cultural and political norms from the old world. They decided to start fresh and build their own society with different set of values which eventually led them to developing society that people of Earth strived for a long time.


This was a very challenging project because of the amount of assets and materials I had to create from scratch. Since I didn't use a lot of references I had to design most of the buildings, which was done by trial and error. Sometimes I would render a version of the architecture and do extreme paintover in Photoshop, completely destroying the old model and restarting the whole asset.

TREES: When I started working on the image I've used Onyx Tree generator to generate some plants since I had acces to it, but later I started using GrowFX which I've found to be really great plant generator.

GIANT ROCKS: on the side are made with ZBrush, specific maps were exported (cavity, occlusion) and plugged into composite material to get desireable look. Compositing was done in Fusion. Most of the image is rendered in just 1 layer. 2nd layer was mountains in the back, which were also 3D at one point but then I took it into Photoshop where I added sky, planets etc.