Idea for Mother came from the recent historical civil rights movements. It it a story of cultural stereotyping of women, their relationship to men and their intertwined biology that gives us ability to create offspring. Big machine, obviously was a representation of masculinity, and spherical machine represents beauty and women. Pipes are connected in between these 2 genders as a symbol of strong bounding that gives us ability as human specias to replicate and survive.


This project's main goal was learning new software. I wanted to add 2 more applications, Blender and MOI 3D, to my arsenal of tools, and for that reason I decided to create now project that will be focused on those two tools. What I've found out during this process is that MOI3D as a NURBS modeler is suitable for certain modelin tasks, in this case Spheroid character was fully modeled in MOI3D, while Blender with its hard surface tools like Hardops and Boxcutter is better suited for that boxy machine in the background. Of course, since MOI3D is NURBS modeler, final mesh before exporting into Max can be tesselated in many different ways, while in Blender with Hardops you are basically locked to certain tesselation. This can be issue for some projects, but in this case it worked fine.
Anyway, learning Blender was super fun and I was surprised how good that application is for many tasks, starting from modeling to some interesting ways of doing navigation/transformations in viewport.
Final image was assembled in 3DS Max, rendered with Redshift render engine. Smoke was simulated using blender fluid sims, exported as VDB and imported into Max. Postprocessing was done in Blackmagic Fusion